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Relaxation in pregnancy

Relaxation is really important in pregnancy but it’s not always easy to come by.  It might be possible to re-jig your work life so it becomes less stressful but if not, work with what you’ve got. Make sure you take meal breaks and try to get away from your workspace for a few minutes each day. Put your phone on silent and go for a walk or listen to a relaxation with your eyes closed and your feet up – it’s all good.

Look out for a local yoga or relaxation class that’s just for mums-to-be. Taking time out with other pregnant mums can be brilliant – nobody will understand how you are feeling as much as these women.

If you’re already quite active you can probably carry on with your normal exercise routine but be aware that your joints are a little more prone to injury because of the amazing hormones your body is already producing to prepare your body for birth. There is some evidence to say that getting overheated in pregnancy could be harmful so bear this in mind as you look after yourself when you exercise. Ask for help with modifying exercise so that you stay safe. Try Mumkind Water Our Way to keep yourself well hydrated.

If you’ve never really been in to exercise but you want to get more active you might like to choose low impact sports such as swimming or aqua-aerobics – there might even be an aqua aerobics run by the midwives at your local pool.