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Time for the babymoon.

Your body has done some pretty incredible things and now it’s time to rest and recuperate. You will have some healing to do, whatever kind of birth you have had, and you deserve to be treated like a queen for a while.

Your uterus will be shrinking back down to it’s pre-pregnancy size. You might have some baby fat on your tummy – fat your baby has accumulated to fuel your breastfeeding. In the first few days the only exercise you need to do are your pelvic floor exercises and some gentle abdominal exercises based on drawing your tummy muscles towards your spine as you breathe out –both can be practiced sitting or lying down. It’s good to mobilise but listen to your body and be very gentle with yourself. Just looking after you and your baby is enough – let other people help you with everything else for as long as you can.

Some mums have low iron levels after they have given birth and this can make them feel weary. You might need iron supplements and your midwife or GP can arrange these, but you can also do a lot for yourself by eating iron rich foods at the same time as vitamin C rich foods.  Some examples or iron-rich foods include black liquorice, sesame seeds, raisins, rye crisp bread, lean red meat and fortified cereals and foods, so try and include these within your daily diet regularly.

Check with your midwife what you need to be looking out for in terms of a normal recovery and seek help early if you think something is not quite right with you or your baby – trust your mother’s instinct.