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Water Our Way – Water Enhancer

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Want to feel less tired? Want to make water more exciting? Just add a squeeze of Water Our Way to a glass of water for a great berry taste.

Water Our Way helps you drink more water, keeps you hydrated and our blend of B vitamins helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

With zero calories, zero carbs and zero guilt  – try it at home, at work or when out and about. Enhances water anywhere, anytime!

Portable and convenient, this pocket sized bottle makes 10 drinks.

Mixed berry flavour water Enhancer 30ml (10 drinks) £2.99 

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Dot“When you are breastfeeding it is a real achievement for the baby to latch on and feed, but mum is sat there needing to keep hydrated and her energy levels up. Rather than reach out for a sugar laden cordial or whatever she can lay her hand on she could now get more of the nutrients and the good stuff her and her baby need from the drink.” Dot the Midwife

“Tasted great, much more refreshing than squash, lasted ages” Emma, Crazy With Twins

“It tastes fab, 0 calories and 0 carbs. Perfect if you’re breastfeeding and need some extra hydration.” Sarah, Knott Bump And Us

“Felt different in the space of half an hour, I now have got the energy to do things.” Kelly, Visitor at The Baby Show


“Really nice alternative to water” Helen, Visitor at The Baby Show

“I can carry this little bottle in my handbag, get a bottle of water and just put a few drops in it, and it flavours the water and I’m getting re-hydrated while receiving vitamins at the same time.” Claudia, Visitor at The Baby Show

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