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Ginger Me Baby Lozenges

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Soothing Ginger & Chamomile lozenges, helping mums-to-be whether its morning, noon or night.

Ginger has been popular for generations for its well renowned properties and the Chamomile adds a soothing and calming sensation to proceedings. Presented in discrete clear wrappers, pop some in your handbag or pocket. Don’t forget to reuse the tub. It’s microwavable, freezer proof. Perfect for mums.

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Ginger & Chamomile lozenges 48g tub –  £3.49

Dot“Nausea affects more than 2 out of 3 pregnant women, and debilitating nausea can be horrendous – some mums find it difficult to eat anything at all. And pregnancy sickness strikes in the first trimester, the vital weeks when the baby’s organs and structures are being laid down, the time when good nutrition is so vital.  The lozenges could really help some women eat something and to eat more healthily.” Dot the Midwife

“The ginger lozenges are delicious! Donna, The London Mum

“Great if you start with morning sickness early on in your pregnancy and haven’t told anyone yet.” Michelle, Satchels + Pearls

“I have had so much on that stress has been the only thing I have been feeling, but these lozenges have helped calmed me down and relax for a while, something I need to do more of.” MS Mummy Of Two

“I’ve found that I pop a couple of the pockets of my trousers or jacket when I leave the house so I have that little quick fix with me wherever I go.” Emma, Me, The Man, And The Baby

“I suffered really badly from morning sickness until about 20 weeks pregnant so could have really done with a box of these.” Sarah, Knott Bump And Us

“The wrapper is clear, nobody needs to know what they are and so wont be guessing your news early on.” Leslie, Messy Stains & Growing Pains