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Being pregnant is, well, huge. It’s incredible that our bodies can grow and change in such a short space of time and put a little person together without any conscious effort on our part. Your body was built to do this amazing thing but it can feel very strange both physically and emotionally. Try to keep your sense of humour. Your body will change in crazy, amazing ways but it’s supposed to be able to do those things. Your body is brilliant.

It’s normal to wonder how on earth you are going to do all this. You’re going through huge physical and emotional changes. Your relationship with your partner, your friends, your family and your boss will change. You’re not alone –many if not all the other pregnant mums feel the same. Your first step might therefore be to make contact with other mums to be and share how you feel.  Try a yoga or relaxation class for pregnant mums –the class will do you good but the company might be even more beneficial.

If you’re looking after yourself physically you’re well on your way to feeling on top of all this. It’s OK for your priorities to change and for you to try to find more time to look after yourself. Investing time in yourself is important –you’re doing the most important job of your life.

Just as your body knows how to grow a baby, it also knows how to give birth and to nurture your new baby. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and most of us were born without medical assistance or experts telling us what to do –we just know how to give birth, feed our babies and help them to develop and grow. It has never been safer to have a baby in the UK –you have midwives and doctors if you need them, but you also have an amazing, brilliant body and plenty of innate parenting ability. This is supposed to work.

Dot (Midwife)

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