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Managing your cravings

Food cravings and aversions (going off certain things) are all a normal part in pregnancy.  On fact around 60% women will experience cravings at some point in their pregnancy and slightly less aversions (1).

Cravings may be your bodies what of telling you what nutrients you need.  So, if you are vegetarian and start to crave  steak, you might need to look at ways of upping your iron intake (we’re not saying eat meat –there’s plenty of iron to be had elsewhere). Food aversions are usually triggered by changes in the way certain foods taste and smell in pregnancy.  Common foods that are often avoided for these reasons includes spicy foods, coffee and certain meats, but it really varies from person to person.

The body is an amazing thing and these ‘in-build’ mechanisms may the bodies’ way of helping make sure the baby gets the nourishment it needs, yet is not exposured to harmful substances.  These is why these feelings are usually heightened during the early phases of pregnancy when the organ systems are being formed.

1. Bayley TM et al. (2002) Food craving and aversions during pregnancy: relationships with nausea and vomiting. Appetite 38: 45-51.