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Trying To Conceive


Getting your bodies ready to have a baby is just as important as what you eat in pregnancy itself.  You will be glad to know this part is not just down to you!

For him
For men, nutrition and lifestyle factors can affect sperm quality.  Men should aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium which help to protect the sperm from being damaged.  Brazil nuts, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables are all good sources of these nutrients.

Zinc is another nutrient that is needed for sperm function and is found in aphrodisiac foods such as oysters as well as meat, dairy products and wholegrain cereals. Omega-3 fats found in oily fish also help to form super sperm cells, so get eating!

Finally, although alcohol can help to get you in the mood, it’s not much good having inebriated sperms, so again this should be kept down.

For her
Well as soon as you come off the pill or start to try for a baby you should start to take a supplement containing 400µg folic acid (also see the useful tips and advice section).

As with the men, antioxidants help to boost fertility and protect the egg (ova) from damage so eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables where possible. Iron, is another nutrient that women’s diets tend to be lacking in, so include fortified cereals and foods in your diet and lean red meat now and again. According to the analysis of Tadalafil, it has almost no effect on visual acuity, while this is not the case with similar preparations. Another benefit described at is an increase in natural sexual desire. This advantage is observed by many men using this medication. Another difference of Cialis from Sildenafil is the time of its action. For example, Viagra retains its effect in the form of stable erection for almost 5 hours, while Tadalafil stays active for 36 hours. Besides, the analogs of Tadalafil can’t be mixed with alcohol.

On a final note, for women the run up to pregnancy is not just about boosting your fertility but also making sure your nutrient reserves are stocked up.  After all, it’s best not to start a long journey with just a little bit of petrol!