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I take a pregnancy supplement – can I take this as well as eating these products?
Yes.  They have been developed to help ‘top up’ the nutrients that you get from your diet.  They contain 25% of the dietary guidelines (recommended amounts) of the nutrients that you need on a daily basis.

As a rule of thumb, you should always buy supplements that are specially formulated for pregnancy, as other brands may have high levels of nutrients that could be harmful in pregnancy, such as vitamin A.

I don’t want to take pregnancy supplements or swallow tablets. Can I use Mumkind products instead to help get the right levels of nutrition in my diet?

Yes, many women don’t like the idea of taking tablets and of those that do   – many forget! The idea behind mumkind is that you should try and eat as healthily as you can and use our products as ‘nutritional insurance’ to ensure you are getting the right levels of nutrients in your diet. You can choose delicious products to suit you – for example if you fancy some chocolate, eat a mumkind bar, it has half the calories of a small chocolate bar but still has all the taste and indulgence. With the bonus of knowing it has 25% of all the key nutrients you need.

What does 25% RDA mean?
This means that a serving of Mumkind contains 25% of the recommended daily amount (RDA).  This is the amount of a nutrient that is needed to help maintain good health.

How many products can I eat / drink a day?
Our products are ‘top up nutrition’ and have been developed with specific roles in mind. So, if you are feeling sick you may find that ginger helps. Try a couple of soothing Ginger Me Baby lozenges (34 Kcal in two lozenges), if you are having trouble sleeping you may find a hot milky drink like Night Night Baby before you go to bed helps. (95 Kcal)  Or, if you have had a busy day and not had time for breakfast, or felt too queasy to eat then Mumkind Bump to Baby enhanced bars contain key nutrients to help top up you energy and nutrient intakes. (about half the calories of a standard chocolate bar) A squeeze (3ml) of Water Our way adds a natural berry flavour to water and has 17% RDA of a blend of B vitamins to help you feel less tired. We recommend 1-5 drinks per day (about half a bottle / 15 ml is fine).

In ‘Night Night baby’ bed time drink what the hell are tetra sodium pyrophosphate (E450(iii)) and sodium hexametaphosphate (E452(i)) doing in it?
To make the drink instant we had to have them. When hot water is added to powdered milk proteins this can cause them to ‘clump together’ producing white flakes, making the drink taste more powdery. So food scientists use E450(iii) and E452(i) to help stop this happening, which helps to make an all round tastier and much nicer drink.  These have been approved for use in pregnancy.

In Night Night Baby what is carrageenan and tara gum?
Both carrageenan and tara gum are used to make drinks thicker and prevent the powders from falling to the bottom of the cup.  This helps to produce a nicer drink that is less watery and has been approved for use in pregnancy.

Are Mumkind products suitable for vegetarians?
Our products are suitable for vegetarians but vegans will need to check the label as some products contain milk and egg.

Do Mumkind products contain nuts?
Mumkind enhanced bars may contain peanuts and may contain traces of other nuts.

Are Mumkind suitable for diabetics?
Mumkind products have been developed with the intention of keeping their sugar content down and the Water our Way contains sweeteners (not Aspartame!), rather than sugars.  However, always seek advice from a medical professional if you are unsure about anything.

Why does Water Our Way contain artificial sweeteners rather than sugar?
We chose our sweeteners carefully (no Aspartame) as the feedback from the majority of mums-to-be was that they preferred the product to be 0 calories rather than contain sugar. These sweeteners are proven to be safe for pregnancy.

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