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Pregnancy Nutrition – The Early Days

The first trimester is a busy one.  The babies’ organ systems are starting to form and its cells are dividing rapidly, so again folic acid is important.  As a mum-to-be you may be experiencing changes yourself – you may begin to feel (or be) sick after the slightest whiff of certain foods, or start to crave certain foods.  This is quite normal and your bodies’ way of telling you what it doesn’t, or does need.

When you are feeling sick and are suffering from morning sickness eat small meals and often – keeping dry, savoury foods such as crackers or biscuits to hand (more morning sickness tips).  Unfortunately there is no cure or magic wand for morning sickness (even if you are a Royal!) and some women are just luckier than others and never experience it. Ginger has been used for centuries for its renowned properties.

If you want to try ginger then our soothing Ginger and Chamomile lozenges  are only 34 calories (per 2 lozenge serving) and come in discrete clear wrappers with no tell tale branding!

In terms of calorie needs, your baby is tiny in the early stages of pregnancy, so you don’t need to eat more (calorie requirements are much the same as before pregnancy) – instead focus on the ‘quality’ of foods that you eat.  Opt for nutritious choices e.g. smoothies, fortified cereals and bars or perhaps have a nice calming milk-based bedtime drink like  Mumkind Night Night Baby that offers both indulgence and goodness with no caffeine.