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Nutritional needs in the third trimester

In this third trimester the baby will be having a final growth spurt and may be pressing down on your stomach and intestines making eating large meals difficult, so eating small meals and often can be more comfortable.

 Vitamin D is another key nutrient that is needed for the babies bone development, which takes place in this trimester.  Vitamin D helps to support the bodies’ absorption of calcium which is essential for bone growth.

Data from UK surveys indicates that this nutrient is under consumed in UK.  Trends towards eating low-fat foods and low intakes are oily fish are some contributing factors.  There are also few foods that are good sources of vitamin D, although cheese, eggs and fortified milk, margarines, cereals and other products provide some examples.  For these reasons, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends that pregnant and breastfeeding women take a supplement containing 10 micrograms (µg) vitamin D daily.

In terms of calorie needs, the baby is now growing rapidly in this trimester.  There is no need to eat for two but around an extra 200 calories is recommended for healthy weight women in this trimester.

These extra 200 calories a day should be as nutritious as possible, some examples are included below:

–        1 bowel of porridge oats with whole milk

–        2 rye crispbeads with a cream cheese topping

–        2 slices wholemeal toast and butter

–        Small baked potato and beans

–        Mumkind® Bump to Baby enhanced bars (LINK TO SHOP)

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