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First Trimester


Nutritional needs for the first trimester

Eating itself can be difficult in the early phases of pregnancy when you feel nauseous with the slightest whiff of certain foods.  It may not feel like it but nausea (and yes, vomiting too) are actually a good thing, as they are your bodies way of protecting you from eating/drinking anything that could be harmful to be the baby (also see our useful tips and advice on how to help combat this). Ginger can be a great help, having been relied upon for centuries. Our Mumkind ‘Ginger Me Baby’ Lozenges contain natural ginger oil (25% more than other lozenges) plus Chamomile to help you whether it is morning, noon or night.

In the first trimester there can be a lot of changes emotionally, as well as inside your body so look after yourself.  Make sure you are taking folic acid, or if you are taking a pregnancy supplement with folic acid, make sure and try to remember to take this every day.  If you find these leave a funny taste in your mouth, try taking them with a meal and glass of orange juice (which will also help with iron absorption).

Our range of Mumkind products are there to help you make sure you are getting a good balance and range of nutrient in the early stages. Products such as our Mumkind ‘Water Our Way’ water enhancer help keep you hydrated, regulate hormonal activity and help you feel less tired. Our Bump to Baby enhanced bars are particularly handy as a ‘one handed snack’ (great if you are working, commuting or if you are constantly on the go). Mums-to-be can keep them in their handbag whether its to give you an energy boost between meals, if you find yourself having a late lunch or if you just want a healthier gorgeous chocolate treat.  These bars have been carefully formulated to help mum and baby get the key nutrients that are needed during this special and important time.