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Baby Arrives – Nutrition After Birth

Nutrition after birth.

Once the baby arrives this can be a very exciting and busy time.  Even though this is now the babymoon, don’t forget to pay some attention to yourself.  You will need to eat to keep your own strength up during this busy time.   Try to eat small meals and often as it is easy to forget(!) and drink fluids regularly if you are breastfeeding.

Don’t worry if you are feeling drained, this is quite normal, after all, your body has been through rather a lot, so it’s important to replenish the nutrients that have been used up.  Iron, is one nutrient that is in high demand in pregnancy and after birth, so make sure you eat plenty of iron-rich foods – black liquoice is a particularly good source! (also see our useful tips and advice on recovery).

Finally, use your appetite  as a natural guide – you’ll find that you may feel more hungry and thirsty if you choose to breastfeed.  This is a process that demands lots of energy and uses up lots of calories. So again, try and make sure these are nutritious ones!