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Dot Parry


Dot Parry is a midwife of 13 years who has worked at both maternity hospitals and birth centres. She also has 20 years experience teaching for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) helping parents prepare for having a child. Dot also teaches Natal Hypnotherapy and has been involved in hundreds of births. You can read more about Dot on her own website.

Dot has been a consultant during the development of the Mumkind – working with us from the very beginning when the range was just an idea.

“For pregnant mums it’s all about what they can’t have. I love to talk to women about what they can have – plenty of fresh fruit and juicy colourful vegetables, wholemeal bread and protein rich foods.

But I’m a realist and I know how easy it is to eat less than optimally when I’m busy.  Mumkind  makes it easier for them to get what they need in a tasty, convenient form.”