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2nd Trimester Nutrition And You

By now the feelings of nausea and symptoms of vomiting should have started to ease off – hurrah! You may start to feel tired at times as the baby is growing and by the end of this trimester you may also begin to experience some changes in your bowel habits (such as constipation), as the baby gets bigger and presses down on your bowel.

Try to eating plenty of iron-rich foods throughout your pregnancy to  help stave off feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Lean red meat, sesame/sunflower seeds and fortified products are examples of good sources.  Also, drinking fluids regularly  (as mentioned under trimester 1) and eating fibre-rich foods regularly may also help to ease bowel habit problems.

Insoluble fibre that passes through the stomach and into the intestine is particularly good at helping to stimulate bowel movements.  Skins of fruits and vegetables, seeds and whole grain breads, cereals and pasta are all good sources of insoluble fibre.